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Eating in Sapporo

Eating in Sapporo

Eating in Sapporo

The Sapporo's cuisine relies on its simplicity and natural flavours of the own ingredients, this is different to the traditional Japanese cuisine. Its recipes contain crab, scallops, and salmon are local specialties. Restaurants with this type of cuisine are popular in the city.

Beer is the drink of choice to accompany these dishes and Sapporo is the native home of Japanese beer. Sapporo Beer, founded here in 1876, still brews locally along with other major national brewers; Asahi, Kirin and a host of local microbreweries.

There are several Ramen shops in Sapporo, this kind of shops are very important in this city. They offer noodles in miso, soy, or salt- flavoured soups very necessary in the recipes. Freshly grilled corn on the cob is offered from stalls along Odori Park throughout the spring, summer, and autumn months.

Japanese harvest various types of melon at the summer. Hokkaido is considered as the home of vegetables of Japan and locally grown potatoes, onions, and asparaguses add their natural flavors to any local dish. The long tradition of dairy farming in and around Sapporo produced a heritage of first class butter, milk, and ice cream products. Indeed Sapporo is home to one of Japan's notable producers, "Snow Brand" as well as many other first-class, local enterprises.

Restaurant in Sapporo:

  • Hyosetsu-no-Mon restaurant: S5 W2 (Next to Sluggers Batting Stadium, Around Town) Phone: (011) 521-3046.
    Description: A well-known restaurant that specializes in giant king crab caught in the Japan Sea north of Hokkaido, Hyosetsu-no-Mon is in Sapporo's Susukino nightlife district. Its menu (in English-language with photos) is easy enough; it consists almost entirely of king crab dishes. Set courses include a cooked crab, sashimi, crab soup, crab tempura, and vegetables.

  • Kita-no-fuji Restaurant: S7 W4, around town. Phone: (011) 512-5484
    Description: Located in the heart of the Susukino nightlife district, this restaurant specializes in the famous hearty stews favored by sumo wrestlers, chanko nabe. After putting your shoes in one of the lockers with famous wrestlers' names on them, you'll be led to your table, tatami room, or counter.

  • Zuientei Restaurant: N2 W1, Hotel Monterey Edelhof, Around Town. Phone: (011) 242-7111
    Description: It is a soothing respite with its tall ceiling, bamboo screens, and small inner garden. The handwritten menu is in Japanese, but ordering is easy: Choose one of the kaiseki dinners that change with the seasons or, for lunch, an obento or set meal.

  • Sapporo Beer Garten: N7 E9, Sapporo Beer Museum, Around Town. Phone: (011) 742-1531
    Description: It consists of three spacious beer halls.

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