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Schools in Japan

The education system in Japan played a key factor in the country's recovery and rapid economic growth in the decades following the end of World War II. Now, education in Japan is mandatory at the elementary and lower secondary levels.

School system in Japan

The school system in Japan is summarized in the list below:
  • Kindergarten (Yochien);
  • Elementary school (Shogakko);
  • Middle school / Lower secondary school (Chugakko);
  • High school / Upper secondary school (Kotogakko);
  • Special School (Tokubetsu-shien gakko);
  • Universities and colleges (Daigaku - Kosen).

Schools in Japan

Military schools  

Military schools in Japan

Military schools prepare young men and women to serve in the Armed forces, the Navy, the Air Forces and to serve their country, also aims to provide discipline that is needed during the adolescent period to ensure a successful future.

Law schools  

Law schools in Japan

In our society, the law is fundamental for the connivance. Law Schools are institutions specialized in legal education; students can gain specialties in many areas, such as criminal, family, business, labor, constitutional, and other.

Flight schools  

Flight schools in Japan

If you want to be a professional pilot, you should choose one of the different flight schools students take courses training in the air or with flight simulators, they also take theoretical classes, which are very important to be a good pilot and obtain a degree.

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in Japan

A student of Pilot School learns to fly different aircrafts, such as airplanes and helicopters, they also learn how to use a parachute and others safety devices in case of emergency. If the student completes the program successfully, the Pilot schools grants him/her a Pilot License.

Technical schools  

Technical schools in Japan

A Technical School is focused on training and providing skills for employment. Technical schools offer different short careers such as automotive technician, computer technician, hairstylist, medical assistant, communication technician, truck driver and others in a short time.

Boarding schools  

Boarding schools in Japan

A Boarding School is a school where the students live in a dormitory of the residential school, they combine their academic classes with extracurricular activities such as sports and arts, the benefit of Boarding schools is that the students develops their independence and they become more mature.

Trade schools  

Trade schools in Japan

Trade Schools offer to their students the skills to perform a particular job, there are different careers that need a trade school education such as cosmetology, aviation mechanics, auto mechanics, maritime, carpenters, culinary, computer sciences, electricians and others.

Massage schools  

Massage schools in Japan

A massage consists ofthe application of techniques to manipulate the body with the objective of reducing stress and improving the circulation. Students that make a career in Massage schools will obtain a certificate and be referred to as massage therapists; they can work in spas, hospitals and health centers.

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