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Shimoda is a city located at the end of the Izu Peninsula. This place has an interesting history and it has influenced the trajectory of Japan's history. Shimoda Harbor was visited by Black Ships of the US navy, they wished that Japan turn on a trade and diplomatic relations, and it was in Shimoda where treaties to open Japan were negotiated and the first foreign consulates were instituted. Also Shimoda is the "home" of the legend of Okichi, a tragic heroine. There exist also other sites in the history of Shimoda, and attractive scenic areas near Shimoda.

This beautiful town possesses very beautiful scenery and some temples and museums. People of Shimoda are largely proud if their participation in the Japanese history and you will see Black Ships everyplace a duplicate outside the train station to a customized tourist bus; inclusive there is a Black Ships Festival close to the third Saturday in May, when American and Japanese naval bands parade through the streets, followed by the inevitable fireworks.

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