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Eating in Shimoda

Eating in Shimoda

Eating in Shimoda

Seafood is the specialty of Shimoda, and locally most restaurants serve fresh fish. Shimoda has a number of affordable izakaya and sushi restaurants, besides of straightforward soba joints, and many Korean places serving yakiniku. There exist a few cheap coffee shops near the station and fancier places along Perry Road, some of which double as antiques showrooms.

Restaurant in Shimoda:

  • Gorosaya Restaurant, 1-5-25 Shimoda-shi (Phone: 0058 23-5638). Prices are surprisingly reasonable if you keep to the set meals - their standard teishoku (¥1500) includes a choice of sashimi, tempura or fried fish (yaki-sakana).

  • Harbour Light Restaurant, 2F, 3-3-4 Shimoda-shi. If you're looking for some action, head for this small karaoke bar with a friendly English-speaking owner and a decent song-list. Mon-Sat 8pm-3am.

  • Izu-taro Restaurant, 1-2-1 Higashi-Hongo. Popular kaitenzushi near the station. Plates are priced at ¥110-310, and they also offer soup, fruits and desserts. Daily 11.15am-2.30pm & 4.30-8pm.

  • Kiyu Restaurant, 1-10-18 Shimoda-shi. Spacious and lively fish restaurant with a choice of well-priced set meals from around ¥1300. Closed one day a week; otherwise daily 11am-10pm.

  • Musashi Restaurant, 1-13-1 Shin-shi. Casual, welcoming soba restaurant with wooden tables. Its extensive menu also offers sashimi and standard rice dishes, such as tendon (rice with tempura) and katsudon (with breaded pork fillet), all for ¥1000 or less. Closed third Tues of the month; otherwise daily 11am-8pm.

  • Porto Caro Restaurant, 2F, 3-3-7 Shimoda-shi. This Mediterranean restaurant with an interesting history turns out pretty authentic-tasting pizza, pasta and paella, among other dishes. The lunchtime deals are good value at around ¥1000, while in the evening count on at least ¥2000 per head. English menu. Daily except Wednesday 11.30am-2pm & 6-10pm.

  • Shoya Restaurant, 2F, 1-8-7 Higashi-Hongo (tel 0558/22-2989). One of Shimoda's top yakiniku restaurants where it's best to reserve. Not cheap - expect to pay at least ¥3000 per person. Selective English menu. Tuesday - Sunday 5-10.30pm.

  • Tiny Bee Restaurant, 1-18-12 Shimoda-shi. Indulge in home-made cakes, muffins and open sandwiches at this spick-and-span coffee shop. They also do more substantial lunches. English menu. Daily except Tuesday 11am-7pm.

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