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You can travel by train until Shimoda, it runs toward Izu Peninsula. The Izukyu Railway is the train station, and it is called as Izukyu-Shimoda station.

Odoriko trains offer several daily runs from Tokyo station via the JR Tokaido Main line. A ride usually take 2 3/4 hours, the tariff is ¥5890. Japan Rail Pass holders will pay ¥2070 each way to travel over the Izukyu Railway. Observe that some Odoriko trains also leave from Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, and the names that use these trains have diverse changes. As an example the Super View Odoriko has ampler windows and has fewer stops.

Local trains need a little of more time, with at least one trains transfer required at Atami or Ito, but the tariff is much cheaper (Around ¥3780).

In front of the station is Shimoda Tourist Association, in this place you can obtain help with a good orientation. Phone (558) 22-1531. As a suggestion you can explore the Central Shimoda walking, because it's a small place. To arrive to beaches and some of the monuments or sights it's more convenient to take a bus. Platforms are in the external of the railway station.

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