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Books and music in Japan

Imported foreign-language books are expensive in Japan, and only available in major cities. However, some locally produced English-language books are cheaper here than at home, if you can find them at all outside Japan. The best bookstores are Kinokuniya, Tower Books (part of Tower Records), Maruzen and Yurindo, all of which stock imported newspapers and magazines as well as a variable selection of foreign-language books. Alternatively, most top-class hotels have a small bookstore with a range of titles on Japan and a limited choice of imported fiction and journals.

Foreign-label records, cassettes and CDs are generally slightly cheaper than their local counterparts, and may well cost less than you would pay at home. Furthermore, major record stores such as Tower Records, HMV and Virgin Megastore have a tremendous selection - everything from Japanese classical and folk music to world music, rock, dance and garage.

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