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Electrical goods and cameras in Japan

Japan is well-known as a producer of high-quality, innovative electrical and electronic goods. New designs are tested on the local market before going into export production, so this is the best place to check out the latest technological advances. The majority of high-tech goods are sold in discount stores, where prices may be up to forty percent cheaper than at a conventional store. Akihabara, in north Tokyo, is the country's foremost area for discount electronic goods, but in every major city you can buy audio equipment, computers, software and any number of wacky gadgets at competitive prices.

If you're keen to buy, check the best deals you can get at home before leaving since the item may not be much cheaper in Japan thanks to the strong yen. It's also important to make sure that the goods are compatible with your domestic electricity system; the Japanese power supply is 100V, but export items usually have a voltage switch that can adapt the appliance to your own system. If English-language instructions, after-sales service and guarantees are important, stick to export models which are sold mostly in the stores' duty-free sections. It's worth shopping around first and, though you may not get it, always asks for a discount.

Similarly, Japanese cameras and other photographic equipment are among the best in the world. Shinjuku, in Tokyo, is the main centre, where you can pick up the latest models and find discontinued and secondhand cameras at decent prices.

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