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Sports in Japan: Judo

Judo is a graceful Japanese martial art of grappling, throwing and falling. It trains and disciplines the body and mind. Most of these techniques involve grabbing the Gi or uniform of the opponent. Unlike Jiu Jitsu, Judo does not intensify on the ground and involve full contact wrestling. Judo practices the art of throwing the opponent on the ground and taking them out of balance.

The origin of Japan's martial arts is vague, and what we know of it, is more legend than truth. However, the takenouchi-ryu martial art system founded in 1532 is considered the beginning of Japan's jujitsu forms. The system's founder taught jujitsu in a structured and methodical manner.

Today Judo is enjoyed by more than 400,000 men, women and children. There are many reasons for learning Judo. Judo provides exercise, relaxation, sport, an interesting challenge, balance, coordination, self-protection and self-confidence. Judo offers a fellowship unlike other sports, and develops a keen desire to coordinate mind and body. One soon realizes that sheer weight, height, strength, and age are not the governing factors of one's ability.

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