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Takamatsu is the capital of Kagawa Prefecture, the small prefecture of Japan. The Matsudaira Clan the congeners of the Tokugawa, conducted the former castle town and the encircling region, then called as Sanuki, during most of the Edo Period.

Takamatsu is situated on the northeast coast of Shikoku overlooking the Inland Sea, is the main gateway in order to the island. From 1642 until the Restoration in 1868, this place was used as the stronghold for the powerful Matsudaira clan, who left behind Takamatsu's most famous attraction, Ritsurin Park.

Takamatsu is a famous place for its garden, Ritsurin Koen (The tariff is around ¥400), and less costly for the ruins of a small seaside castle. Also it lodges a sober art museum with shows of modern art, and a repertory of small temples and shrines.

Around ten minutes by train to the east is located the Yashima peninsula with Shikoku-mura a stimulating open-air museum offering old houses collected from all around Shikoku. (The tariff for adult: ¥800) In the interior of the open-air museum there is a fine art museum with works of Western artist incorporating to Pablo Picasso too. The building has a beautiful garden with a nice panorama and was designed by Tadao Ando.

Takamatsu offers two great festivals. One of them is during summer, another is in winter. In summer, people celebrate the "Sanuki Takamatsu Festival". The 1st day is the opening; the 2nd day is a fireworks festival; the final day is a dance festival. The arrivals can appreciate the central park, the shopping arcade, and “Sanport”. It is in front of the Takamatsu station, and beside the sea.

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