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MAY 24

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Explore Takamatsu: Ritsurin Koen

Ritsurin Koen is a wonderful garden, situated in Japan. This fantastic place was built during the early Edo Period, with a time space of 100 years by the local feudal lords. The large park offers several ponds, attractive pavilions, the wooded Mt. Shiun as a fantastic background and a museum about local folk craft.

Ritsurin Koen is located around two kilometers south of Takamatsu Station. The Kotoden Ritsurin-Koen Station is a 10 minute walk from the park's main passage. The little Kotoden trains leave from in front of the castle park, some steps from Takamatsu Station. As an alternative, the JR Ritsurinkoen-kitaguchi Station is situated to 5 minutes walk from the park's north entrance.

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