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There is a small international airport in Takamatsu City. They offer three international flights managed by Asiana Airlines in a week, each of which is from Seoul, Korea on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. One alternative way to arrive at Takamatsu may be to fly toward Seoul and get to Takamatsu with Asiana flights. International flights from foreign countries to Japan almost always, will come at the other Japanese airports. To go to Takamatsu you will be required to use a domestic flight or railways and/or other transportation inside Japan.

The domestic flights to arrive to Takamatsu are accessible at Tokyo (Haneda) Airport, Kansai Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Sapporo Airport and Okinawa Airport which are managed by All Nippon Airways (ANA), and/or, Japan Air System (JAS). The recent tourist information office (daily 9am-5pm; Phone: 087 851-2009), located on the west side of the plaza outside the train station, usually has someone who can speak English, and provides useful free maps and booklets on the area.

Note: It's necessary the money exchange for buying ticket of transportation. Cash payment will be necessary to get domestic transportation such as buses, taxis, trains and so on. Takamatsu Airport doesn't have service for Exchange of Money. The exchange of money will be available at banks in the Takamatsu city. Maybe you should change the money at the first arrival airport in Japan or bring Japanese yen when you will leave your country.

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