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Eating in Takamatsu

Eating in Takamatsu

Eating in Takamatsu

Takamatsu offers a diverse range of restaurants and cafes, several of them located around the central arcade district, near to Chuo-dori. As other cities of the seaside of Shikoku, Takamatsu is a perfect place to taste fishes and seafood in some restaurants, even people can see the wriggling on their plate. Also the other local specialty is the popular Sanuki udon, it consists of thick noodles particularly, and it is offered with a separate flask of stock and condiments.

Between many bars in the city, one favorite with some teachers Japanese is the Sea Dragon, near of Marugame-machi arcade; it is an ample, sociable place with a surfboard hanging from the ceiling and potted palms.

Takamatsu offers few clubs, such as Blue Moon , 2-8-44 Kawaramachi, which sometimes has live bands and charges ¥2500 including one drink, and Imagine (Phone: 087 811-2056), which plays house music and charges ¥1500 including one drink. The bar Sicily Island is a block south of the Tokiwa arcade, is a good place to visit for casual live music. Also there are many cinemas around the Tokiwa arcade that show English-language films.

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