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Ritsurin Koen
Ritsurin Koen is a wonderful garden, situated in Japan. This fantastic place was built during the early Edo Period, with a time space of 100 years by the local feudal lords. The large park offers several ponds, attractive pavilions, the wooded Mt. Shiun as a fantastic background and a museum about local folk craft.

Shikoku Mura
Shikoku Mura or Shikoku Village is an interesting open air museum whish conserves and exhibits ancestral buildings from across the island of Shikoku in a sweet hillside park. Between the displayed buildings of the Edo and Meiji Periods are farmstead, several craft workshops, a warehouse, Kabuki Theater and a suspension bridge constructed of vine.

Takamatsu Castle
Takamatsu Castle, also called Tamamo Castle was constructed in 1590 near to the sea, a peculiarity between the Japanese castles. The Ikoma Clan took the control from the castle during 54 years, before the fief was transferred to the Matsudaira Clan, relatives of the Tokugawa Clan, who resided there for the rest of the Edo Period.

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