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Listing in Takamatsu

Airlines: Both All Nippon Airways ANA (Phone: 087 825-0111) and JAL (Phone: 087 822-2323) have offices at the north end of Chuo-dori, 5 min from the JR station. JAS is at 1-1-5 Bancho (Phone: 0878 26-1111).

Takamatsu Airport: 1312-7 Oka, Konan-town, Kagawa-gun, 761-1401. Phone: (087) 835-8110.

Takamatsu Tourist Information: (JR Takamatsu Station) 1-16 Hamanocho, Takamatsu-city 760-0011. Phone: (087) 851-2009.

Banks and Exchange: The Hyakujyushi Bank is located at 5-1 Kamei-cho, Takamatsu 760-8574, Kagawa, Japan; Kagawa Bank is located at 6-1 Kamei-cho, Takamatsu; and Mistui Shintaku Bank is located at 9-4 Konya-machi. Fuji Bank, 7-10 Marugame-machi, changes US dollars only.

Car rental: Eki Rent-a-car Shikoku, 1-10 Hamancho (Phone: 087 821-1341); Toyota Rent-a-lease Kagawa, 2-2-5 Kotobuki-cho (Phone: 087 851-0100).

Police: The main police station is at 4-1-10 Bancho (Phone: 087 833-2111).

Post office: The main post office is located in the north end of the Marugame arcade, in front of the Mitsukoshi department store. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-12.30pm.

Shopping in Takamatsu: Sanuki lacquer ware and papier-mâché dolls are the center of local crafts. There are very large and old shopping streets prominent in Japan, known as Shotengai. Each street is named as Marugame-Machi, minami-shin-machi,hyogo-machi,katahara-machi,ta-machi and tokiwa-gai. There is a real old feature of Takamatsu which developed as a port town.

Taxis: Try Okawa Taxi (Phone: 087 851-3358) or Tosan (Phone: 087 821-0777).

Travel agencies: The main JTB office (Phone: 087 851-4981) is on Chio-dori close to Chuo-koen. The collaborators speak some English.

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