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Arrival & Information: By Rail

Most lines of shinkansen leave to Tokyo. The travel from Osaka/Kyoto takes approximately three hours. Also you can get direct bullet trains to/from Kyushu, Nagano, Niigata and several destinations in the Tohoku Region.

The Shinkansen bullet trains travel around of the country linking Tokyo with most of Japan's main cities. These are fast, competent, but this manner is a little expensive in Japan. Tokyo Station is well linked to the rest of cities via JR commuter trains and the wide subway system. If you wish to obtain more information you can contact Tokyo Tourist Information Center (dubbed "Tokyo i") on the first floor of the Tokyo International Forum. It is situated a block away from Tokyo Station at 3-5-1 Marunouchi.

The Information Bureau of Tokyo (operate by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) is another source for travelers to Tokyo. It is situated in Tokyo Station in the JR View Plaza, near the Yaesu Central Exit (open Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm; closed Sunday and holidays).

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