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MAY 24

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Travel Details: Buses in Tokyo

The routes of the bus inside Tokyo are very intricate. The Tokyo Municipal Government drives some of the lines; and the rest of lines are operated for other private companies. There isn't any telephone number even native Japanese can call for help. And buses all have little seats and low ceilings. JR buses are a certain way to travel and from other places of the country from Tokyo, through these services are guided toward locals who are able in the culture and language.

  • JR Bus Kanto (http://www.jrbuskanto.co.jp)
  • Keisei Bus (+81 (0) 354 38 8511/ http://www.keiseibus.co.jp)
  • Odakyu Bus (+81 (0) 42 734 5211/ http://www.odakyubus.co.jp)
  • Tokyu Bus (+81 (0) 44 988 7979/ http://www.tokyubus.co.jp) and a number of other local providers offer transportation to destinations throughout Japan.
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