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The City of Tokyo

The city of Tokyo is the capitol of Japan and one of the most new and modern cities around the world, this is considered the nerve center of Japan. Tokyo have the reputation of be an of the main global cities and a megacity of Japan. House to the Japanese Imperial Family, Tokyo possesses a beautiful balance among traditionalism and contemporary living. Tokyo has advanced a lot in terms of modernizations and development. Now it's similar to the other western city, adorned with high-rises and concrete structures.

Being to the northeast of Tokyo Bay, Tokyo has four diverse seasonal changes such as winter, spring, summer and autumn. The summers here are hot while winters are cold, generally accompanied with snowfall. August is the month hottest in Tokyo, January is the month coldest. The standard annual temperature in Tokyo is 16 C. Tokyo is an awesome city, active, full of life and vitality. With its tall skyscrapers and fresh architecture, Tokyo is equal to the developed cities of the western world. Tokyo possesses a robust cultural heritage that has been preserved in its historical monuments and shrines. The gardens and parks of Tokyo ornament this city.

Tokyo is the largest city of this nation, it is one of Japan's 47 prefectures and this place is also known as metropolis. The urban center of Tokyo has 23 city wards and Tokyo prefecture consists of 26 cities. With 12,570,000 of inhabitants according to 2006 census, Tokyo is crowded of people.

Tokyo is the economic, cultural and educational center of Japan. The University of Tokyo is a world-famous education institution. Tokyo National Museum is an art house of Japanese culture. The famous temples and shrines in Tokyo are Sensoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Yasukunj Shrine, and Zoioji Temple.

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Tokyo Buddha
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