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Entertainment in Tokyo

Nightlife in Japan and particularly in Tokyo, offers you a wide choices providing the places to frequent for a some sips and swings music after a hard day's work. Tokyo nightlife provides several drinking spots, mostly focused in the in the Ginza, Shinjuku, Akasaka and Roppongi quarters of the city.

Tokyo is a big city and it doesn't sleep and the Tokyo night clubs ensure that there is one for you to drop in at five in the evening, ten at night or five in the morning.

Bars and Izakaya
An Izakaya is a Japanese style bar, has all kinds of food and dishes are served in small pretty cheap portions so you can taste lots of different things. Izakayas are generally very loud places and you can often hear people playing drinking games with their co-workers.

Clubs and discos
Discos lost renown after their 1980s pinnacle, but with the rise of almost cult-figure DJs, dance clubs obtained resurgence in current years, with Roppongi still boasting more dance clubs than anyplace else in the city.

Gay bars and clubs
Make good use of the relatively open gay and lesbian scene in Tokyo; in the rest of Japan (even in big cities like Osaka), some things are a lot more cliquey and closeted.

Live music, film and cultural events
Tokyo has cultural abundance, maybe the language can be a difficulty when it comes to performance arts. Tokyo may not seem the obvious place to seek out a classical concert or Shakespearean play - tickets are expensive and often hard to get hold of.

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