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It's not all sushi; find out about some of Tokyo's other favorite foods, and even learn how to read the menu in your local tempura shop. This is a special list of the most popular recipes in Tokyo.

Shinjuku is other of the 23 districts of the metropolis of Tokyo, but currently refers to just the great entertainment, commerce and shopping area around Shinjuku Station. Guiding more than two million of travelers every day, Shinjuku Station is Japan's most busy railway station...

Roppongi is a district located in the Minato City Ward of Tokyo, it's popular for its nightlife and two new and large building complexes, and these are Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. Thanks to the presence of several art museums Roppongi won the denomination of cultural center.

Ueno Park
Ueno Park is the cultural and ethnic centre of Tokyo. This park lodges several important temples and shrines, besides of cultural institutions and museums. Ueno Park is a great public park, located next to Ueno Station. It opens its doors to the public in 1873, and provides its guests a large diversity of attractions.

Akihabara is a district located in central Tokyo, popular for its several electronics stores. During these last years, this place has also gained credit as a focus of the gaming, manga and animation culture. A main urban renewal of Akihabara Station and surroundings is nearing its culmination, giving Akihabara a new aspect.

Tokyo Odaiba
Odaiba is a huge artificial island in Tokyo, showing several hypermodern and singular buildings memorably described as the result of an acid-soaked pre-schooler's architecture class. Administratively a part of the Minato, Koto and Shinagawa districts...

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