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When to Go

The best period to visit Japan is the spring, when the whole country waits fervently for the plum and cherry blossoms to begin blooming. When the blossoms begin, the Japanese run into the parks and celebrate with food, drinks, and karaoke. The cherry flourishes last only for a week, but it is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and there are several festivals celebrated the rebirth of nature just in this period. The temperature in Tokyo at springtime descends among 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 Celsius) and 71 degrees (22 Celsius).

Japanese locals take pride intheir four seasons, and autumn is one of the country's best. The cool autumn days are filled with harvest festivals and delicious food. Autumn is also known as the season for a big appetite in Japan. The mouthwatering food makes the season true to its wordbeing you will be able to savor many exquisite foods made with seasonal vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. The perfect weather in Tokyo ranges from 51 degrees (11 Celsius) and 73 degrees (23 Celsius).

There are three famous travel periods during the year for the Japanese, and you may need to schedule your travel around them to prevent the over-crowded hotels, trains, and airports. The worst times to visit are during the New Year's period from December 28 to January 4, when families return to their parents' homes; Golden Week from April 29 to May 5, a much-anticipated vacation week; and the Obon Festival period, when the living honor the dead.

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